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Tai Ji Gong Fu Shan – Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan

Đăng bởi : Deyin Taijiquan Institute 11 months ago

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A breath-taking demonstration by one of the best in the world on the Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan. This is one of the most popular fan form created by world renowned Tai Chi and Kung Fu master Professor Li De Yin. It is the most widely practiced fan form in China and probably in the world.

Master Faye (Li) Yip was the first person to learn this beautiful routine from her father and is the main person promoting the routine throughout the world. She is one of the highest authority on this routine.

As the founder and chief instructor of Deyin Taijiquan institute (GB) and Deyin Insternational, She is teaching this routine throughout the UK, Europe, and Australia, New Zealand, Japan.

Enthusiasts wanting to learn this amazing routine or looking to host Master Faye’s seminar at their own country should visit our website for detail or contact info@deyin-taiji.com.

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