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Perang Maluku vs VOC Belanda

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Ilustration of Battle between Moluccans against VOC (Dutch East India Company)

On 29 April 1798, Nuku Sultan of Sultanate of Tidore laid assault on Dutch-VOC Fortress of Kalamata (Kalamata Kasteel) on VOC-Controlled Mollucas Ternate. Nuku’s forces of united Ternate, Tidore and Papuans who dislike the dutch VOC successfuly capture the Fort with nominal British EIC support. Nuku wage war against Dutch VOC since the exile of his father, Sultan Jamaluddin in 1779. The neighbouring Ternate Sultanate has been a vassal subjugated by the Dutch VOC since 1683. Imposing heavy taxes and impoverish the Moluccas and west papuan by the forced-extermination of spice plant, not to mention the genocide of native Banda people. By support of the people of Moluccas (tidore, ternate), Papuans (salawati, raja ampat) and nominal British support who also at war with the Dutch. Sultan Nuku successfully drive out the Dutch VOC from Tidore Sultanate (half of maluku and west papua), and kept the Tidore Sultanate powerful and independent during 18 and 19 century.


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