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Hybrid Man Found in China

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Human Hybrid Man found in China. This Bigfoot hybrid man footage was taken in Sichuan Province in China and is being described all over the web as the Chinese Hybrid Man or Yeren Ape Man.

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So the story goes that the boy’s mother had claimed she was kidnapped by a Yeren “The Chinese Wildman” which is the Chinese version of Bigfoot, who raped her repeatedly before she escaped back to her village.

9 months later she gave birth this strange boy who grew to be abnormally large. Although he was never able to speak a language, he gain a mild understanding of what people said to him. He lived to be 33 years old and because he was kept hidden in a small village, not much was known about him.

Bastard Son of a Bigfoot Creature? One explanation was that he was born with (Microcephaly) which is a neurodevelopmental disorder which causes abnormal head growth, poor brain function and a shorter life expectancy. Skeptics who believe this explanation go on to say that the mother was ashamed of having a retarded baby and made up the story about being raped by a bigfoot.

The problem with this explanation however is that doesn’t explain the size of this hybrid looking man as no other past case of Microcephaly have been very tall. In addition, he displays many ape-like characteristics such as an ape like jaw, extremely long gangly arms, and a lack of a human neck. Half Human, Half Animal? So is the Human Hybrid Ape Man found in China Real or Fake?


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