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[Full Movie] 凶手 A Chinese Hannibal 汉尼拔 | Crime 犯罪片, Eng Sub. 1080P

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Plot Summary: Movie “A Chinese Hannibal 凶手” is about a pervert killer. He lost the love of parents, no family, no friends and no lover. At the beginning, A killing caused by a mistake, But one by one. more girls lost. at the end, he met a special girl: blind, kind and beautiful. and then he changed his destiny from that moment on.

故事简介: 电影《凶手 A Chinese Hannibal 汉尼拔》讲述一个变态杀手,从小失去了父母的爱。没有家庭,没有朋友,没有恋人。什么都没有的他开始走上了犯罪的道路。一个一个可爱美丽的女孩都不幸遇上了这个人。都丧失了生命。到最后,他的生命中遇到了最后一个女孩。从此,便改变了他的生命命运。

出品 Produced: 安徽鼎兴 Ding Xing Film
导演 Director: 陈润 Chen Run
主演 Starring: 潘东, 郑梦瑶, 萧行, 刘小乔
题材 Feature: #犯罪 Crime

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