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A pregnant student’s best friend and ex (Hong Jong-hyun) scheme against her | Korean Horror Short

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‘Attached,’ a segment from the movie ‘Be With Me’
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So-Young (Shin Ji-Su) is popular among her peers and the teachers. When So-Young learns that her best friend Nam-Hee (Kim Kkobbi) is pregnant, So-Young tells Nam-Hee that she should keep the baby and they will raise the child together. Meanwhile, So-Young is jealous of Nam-Hee, who ranks first at their school, and plots a scheme to get the principle’s recommendation to take the college entrance exam instead of Nam-Hee.

Shin Ji-soo
Kim Kkobbi
Hong Jong-hyun
Ahn Yeo-jin

Hong Dong-myung

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Attached | From the movie ‘Be With Me’ | AsianCrush

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