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You can eat noodle-shaped candy 🍜 mentos and cola get the effect of boiling

Đăng bởi : RRcherrypie 5 months ago

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(1) It is edible. I was using soda & mentos to make it look like the noodles were boiling.
(2) I was using Konapun kitchen to make popin cookin ramen shaped candy. Konapun kitchen does not work with actual heat.
Konapun video:

(3) 0:37 popin cookin Ramen Set.
(4) 1:32 The panda shaped naruto is edible.
(5) 1:43 Okonomiyaki sauce.
(6) I ate the mentos & noodle candy and drank cola after filming. The mentos got tough from soaking in soda, but it still tasted good. The noodles didn’t taste different after we “boiled” them.

Dry ice and water get the effect of boiling

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