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Vietnam Airlines has suspended 6 employees from duty, following their suspected involvement in the alleged smuggling of stolen goods into Vietnam.

The airline announced the measure on Thursday, which involves a copilot and 5 cabin attendants.

Tokyo police arrested one of the flight attendants on suspicion of taking 21 down jackets to Kansai International Airport in western Japan, knowing they had been stolen.

The 25-year-old suspect told police that the copilot had asked her to transport the jackets. Police are asking the copilot and the 4 other cabin attendants to turn themselves in for questioning.

The airline’s Vice President Phan Xuan Duc told NHK that the company is also questioning other crew members who have been avoiding flight duties to Japan since the allegations emerged.

He said the airline will share what it learns with the police.
Mar. 27, 2014 – Updated 17:04 UTC

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