S.E.S._한 폭의 그림 (Paradise)_Music Video

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The waiting has come to an end!
S.E.S. debut 20th anniversary album “Remember” has been released!
The album contains a total of 10 songs with double title tracks “Remember” and “한 폭의 그림 (Paradise)”.
Their 1st title track, “Remember”, written by S.E.S. members, is a medium tempo pop ballad song combined with beautiful piano melody and string orchestra and it talks about how thankful S.E.S. feels about their fans who have been waiting for their comeback
The other title track “한 폭의 그림 (Paradise)”, produced by Mike Daley, Mitchell Owens, and Yoo Young Jin, is a new jack swing genre song. Enjoy the music video of “한 폭의 그림 (Paradise)” and send lots of love and supports to your legendary girl group, S.E.S.!

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