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Min Suga | 3 dollar. swag (AHL)

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All credit for the subtiteles go to BangtanSubs. They did all the work on translating!!! Links to the original BangtanSubs clips are in the comment section!!!

I think Suga is the second on my bias list but every time I make an edit like this I say the same thing about every member! I don’t even fight it anymore, I just accept it as it is! How can they crush me?…all 7 at once….

The cover I used at the end belongs to the magnificent Dori Piano ( ) who kindly let me use it for my outro. I honestly think you should check her channel out because she does such nice BTS covers. When I discovered her I felt like I discovered Bangtan again. Thank you Dori!

Also, I have finally managed to post my first fanfiction on tumblr. It’s the story behind the YoonKook video called “all we’ve lost” Link here if you want to read it:

vidder: Ellen
dance cover channel:
music: Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice
program: Sony Vegas Pro 12

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