Luhan Leaving EXO :(

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Luhan Leaving EXO T_T

EXO’s Luhan reported to have filed to nullify his contract with SM Entertainment.

SM Entertainment Official Statement Regarding Luhan’s Lawsuit:
“We just found out about Luhan’s decision from his law firm. Previously, we’ve discussed about his health issues and his will to focus on solo and Chinese promotion instead of EXO. We’re surprised to know and confused with this sudden contract termination.”

“Just like Kris, we were not given any warning by Luhan before the lawsuit filled. This is a recurring pattern, where the artist join a group and promoting it, gaining fame and fans, but once they hit the top, they didn’t fulfill even half of the contract and filled the lawsuit to terminate their contract. They even gather the support and partner with foreign agency for backing plan after the withdrawal”

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