Games Ninjago Skybound Part 1

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Ninjago Skybound – Ninjago save the island from the evil genie Nadahana.

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In this game from Lego, we will play the role of a brave and courageous ninja Jay, capable alone to deal with an army of enemies.

Confront us today will Nadahan and his army of minions, who want to steal part of the sacred island Nindyazgo and recover their possessions – Dzhindzyago. We’ll have to kill the genie and save his friends – Heavenly Pirates.

We can choose their own style of the game: the most secretive and quiet way to deal with all the enemies, or the powerful and deadly like a tiger. In this game, very large location, the passage of one level can last up to 15 minutes, and if fully explore all the nooks and collect stars, may take up to 30 minutes.

Game Ninjago Skybound made in such a way that the action it can be completely avoided, and the main factor will be the surprise, stealth and skill to emerge victorious even in the most difficult situation.
We will hide behind the barrels, walls and other objects of locations. Coins can be spent on the purchase of reinforcements and weapons to more secretive and quiet movement and killing enemies at long distances.

Game Ninjago Skybound – good adventure platformer with elements of stealth action, in which you decide how you will pass the levels, and that for this use.

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