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Fake Food Toy (You can not eat) Konapun 4 – Hamburger, French fries 不可吃

Đăng bởi : RRcherrypie 9 months ago

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Made in 2007. It was discontinued.

(1) Inedible Toy for ages 8 and up.
(2) Konapun creations rot soon. You can’t keep it. The directions say “throw it away after playing with it.” You can see how it looks after it rots.

(3) It does not cook with actual heat. (That is not a real oven. That mini oven and mini stove does not work.)
(4) It does not smell like the actual food.
(5) I bought it at an auction. (Note: Konapun powder has expiry date. Expired powder might not work well.)
(6) The point of Konapun is just for fun. Kids can pretend cook, can experience creativity and can practice following directions.
(7) It’s not real oil. 0:41 and 1:46 are the same fake oil made of Konapun powder and water.

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