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  • : Chi Pu (Nguyễn Thùy Chi) is a Vietnamese actress. She was born in Hanoi and studied at RMIT university. She acted in the following movies: "Giấc mơ hạnh phúc" (Dream of happiness), “Giọt nước rơi” (Falling water drops), “5S Online”, “Chập chờn” (Non-rem), “Cô gái trên tầng thượng” (Under one sky), “Thần tượng” (Idol), "Hương Ga" (Huong Ga). In May 2014, she produced the short film “My Sunshine” in which she was also the leading actress. In July 2014, she was selected to be Vietnam’s Ambassador to attend “Guardians of the Galaxy” film premiere in Singapore. In 2013, Chi Pu received The Box's "Vietnam's Teen Idol 2013" award for her achievements. She also works as the ambassadress for many brands, including: Uber (2014), TeaPlus (2014), BeeTalk (2014), Nestea (2014), Sprite (2014), Sunsilk (2014), Biore (2014), Shu Uemura (2014), Zalora.vn (2014), Mox Deals (2014), Tony Moly (2014), Maybelline (2013-2014), Honda (2013-2014), Kotex (2013-2014), California Yoga & Fitness Center (2013-201