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  • : READ THIS CAREFULLY BEFORE COMPLAINING ANYTHING! All realtime speedruns on this channel got permissions by the creator of each video for publication in case of videos from http://speeddemosarchive.com/. Published tool-assisted speedruns follow the license as per http://tasvideos.org/SiteLicense.html. Please read carefully before complaining! In case you are interested in some history: At the beginning of the TAS scene there were two competitors, speedruns.net and tasvideos.org, formerly known as speedruns.org and bisqwit.iki.fi/nesvideos. I was the owner of speedruns.org/.net. Since I got a director's account back in those days on YouTube (no timelimit when there was a 10 min. video limit for everybody) and gave up the speedruns.net/.org sites, I started helping TASVideos.org in an official cooperation with uploading their stuff without any limits with full links and credits given. So this channel does not exist due to ripping anything off or similar!