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  • : What is going on guys, welcome to Fabulous Aura! In January 2016, Aura created a series on a game called Pokemon Hentai Version. Of course he didn't want to upload it to his main channel so his friend created a new channel for him and uploaded it there. That channel was Fabulous Aura. Of course they didn't think the series/channel would go anywhere, but 2 years later we are standing at 33,386 subscribers and 8,822,250 views across multiple channels/platforms. You don't know how excited that makes us. Fabulous Aura mostly uploads anime style games, but we plan on uploading a lot more mainstream games in the future as well. This channel is currently run by Aura, James, & Vontae & we try to upload videos everyday. DISCLAIMER: Aura did not create, nor does he possess or have access to any part of this channel. He is a contracted content producer which according to the YouTube Terms of Service and Community Guidelines if this channel gets terminated. His channel shouldn't be effected.