Animorphs Season 1 Episode 11

Đăng bởi : Fowler Umana 4 weeks ago

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After Cassie and Rachel save a boy from a crocodile pit, Cassie begins to lose control of her morphing ability, the result of an allergic reaction to the JOIN .

It is now certain that Tobias is stuck in morph. Rachel decides to rescue Melissa Chapman, who is about to be infested by the Yeerks. However, her father is an .

The Andalite disk is still lost and the Yeerks wish to barter for it: they will trade the disk for an Andalite. JOIN QUIZGROUP PARTNER PROGRAM: .

The Animorphs discover that a certain type of oatmeal is a stimulant to the Yeerks, and they are unable to control their hosts’ actions. However, the usage of this .

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