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Đăng bởi : Muchiri Mentor 2 months ago

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‘Afro Kung Fu’ is short film by one creative guy Dennis Muiruri starring yours M-Tru ‘Muchiri Mentor’.
Creating your own model takes time…keeping on the Grind is what counts.
Getting my African moves rolling.. #ChokeChallengeKick, #da_Dog_Bite, #Punda_Kicks {donkey kicks}, #da_African_Grenade {mawe/stone/dimanga, ithiga}.
The future is built on what we do today with what we got. no reason never to start something you love to. Stay Positive Minded.
That which you are known for; if it’s a good thing, keeping churning more of it. MM.
SF Way of Living {Staying Focussed}.
Live Life Love Life

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