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A Thai spy on a mission in Korea falls in love with a handsome stranger | Korean Short Film

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‘Iron Pussy: A Kimchi Affair,’ a segment from the movie ‘Camellia’
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A spy from Thailand enters Busan disguised as a woman for a undercover mission. What he does not anticipate is that he would fall in love with an unidentified Korean man.

Michael Shaowanasai
Kim Min-Jun

Wisit Sasanatieng

IRON PUSSY: A KIMCHI AFFAIR is part of the omnibus film, Camellia. Three short films dedicated to the annual Pusan International Film Festival and the city itself. Featuring a star-studded ensemble cast from Korea, Japan and China.

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Iron Pussy: A Kimchi Affair | From the movie ‘Camellia’ | AsianCrush

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