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#7.3 Modeling a Computer (3D) – Video Game Art Tutorial – [ Ultimate GameDev Tutorials ]

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Ultimate GameDev Tutorials – [ Chapter 7, Episode 3 ] – [Art]
This video game art tutorial will get you started creating your own 3D models for video games! With what you learn in this series, you’ll be able to create any awesome amazing thing inside your imagination and bring it to life inside of a video game!

In this series, we’ll be learning Blender and GIMP. We will take the artwork we create and then import it into Unity3D (All of this is free software for PC and Mac by the way.)

What’s required to follow this series? NOTHING! You just need to be able to turn on your computer and connect to the internet and that’s it! All the software we use is free (and on PC and Mac)! And it’s awesome software. I’ve been using all the same software to make my games for the past 5 years!

In this tutorial, we’ll be putting out skills to the test and create a 3D model of a desktop computer. I’m going into the without practicing or without a plan in order to demonstrate trial and error of modeling.

alt + right click – loop select

f – connect line or make face

tab – object mode / edit mode (or switch between two last modes)

ctrl+s – save blender file
ctrl+shift+s – save blender file as
ctrl+o – open blender file

g – grab / move
r – rotate
s – scale
x,y,z, and num pad finetune g,r,s controls

right click – select
shift+right click – add/minus select
a – deselect / select all

alt+tab – point/line/face
i – inset
e – extrude
alt+e – advanced extrude

. (period on numpad) – focus on selection

alt + right click – loop select

f – connect line or make face
alt+m – merge
ctrl+j – join objects

Software Links:
Unity3D – Free Game Design software for both PC and Mac:

Blender – Free 3D modeling software for both PC and Mac:

GIMP – Graphics Image Manipulation Program, Free image editor for both PC and Mac:

Audacity – Audio recording and editing software, Free for both PC and Mac:

RAIN – AI / Pathfinding plugin for Unity, Free, works with Unity on both PC and Mac:

Paid Extras (PDF Guide, Art Pack, and Project Files) Coming soon…

Tutorial Episode Guide:


Other Useful Resources:

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