6 Cheapest Tricks Bosses Should be Ashamed Of

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You don’t get to be a boss in a videogame by being nice to people. Even so, most bosses go out of their way to be as unbearable as possible. Behold the 6 cheapest tricks that you should be ashamed of, bosses. Subscribe!

You may think you’re pretty well equipped by the time you get to a boss, with your high level weapons, cool special moves, and legendary gear, but what you probably don’t have is an unblockable attack that takes off half your opponent’s energy bar. Guess who does?

And why is it that we spend the majority of our time carefully conserving our precious health bar, in the knowledge that one stray laser trip mine could mean the abrupt end of our hero’s journey, while bosses require multiple rockets, grenades and an entire chaingun belt’s worth of bullets to open up a 10-second window of opportunity where you can actually hurt them? Double standards, is what it is.

What boss moves do you hate? Let us know in the comments!

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