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신동의 심심타파 – EXO Baek Hyun, Indivisual Skill – 엑소 백현, 개인기 20130607

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“SimSimTaPa” is a famous Korean radio program of MBC, started since 2005.
Its MC is Shin Dong of Super Junior who is idol dancing group from Korea.
The name SimSimTapa can be translated to “Breaking the Boredom” in Korean.

Now you can also “WATCH” the Radio (not just listen to it).
We offer you this “Visible Radio” here at this MBC K-POP channel!

In addition, you can listen to MBC Radio easily by downloading “miniMBC”
click here to download “miniMBC”

If you want to watch our program by mobile, please refer to this link below

Please be aware that “Visible Radio” is not available all the time.
You will only see the play button when the Radio’s on air.

20130607 신동의 심심타파
EXO Beak Hyun, Indivisual Skill – 엑소 백현, 개인기

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